Age: 4 Years Old

Breed: Boxer x

Sex: Female

Weight: 50lbs

Energy Level: Med

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Cats: Yes


Adoption Fee $525


- Rabies

- Vaccinations

- Spay

- Dewormer

- Flea Treatment

- Microchip

Piper loves to run, she has plenty of energy, but also loves to Lazy around the house and snuggle up. She will chase a ball but she will not bring it back LOL. She loves the water, she loves hikes oh, she loves walks and she loves the dog park.

Piper it's an extremely cuddly loving caring girl with so much love to give. She does however react to people knocking on the door or coming to our property especially if she hasn't been introduced. She needs to be introduced properly to new people and new dogs. She gets along with cats, rabbits and other dogs as long as she is properly introduced.


When Piper was a year-and-a-half-old she was hit by a car instead of amputating her leg  $10,000 was spent to have her leg rebuilt with titanium plates. So sometimes you may see her limp a little but it's rare and it doesn't seem to really bother her. Piper also has allergies which are managed by taking Apoquel (allergy med) daily. 

 She is amazing with children


 2018 by Smiles & Cries Rescue Society

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