Age: 5 Years

Breed: Boxer x

Sex: Female

Weight: 60lbs

Energy Level: Medium

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes 6+

Cats: No



Adoption Fee $525


- Rabies

- Vaccinations

- Spay

- Dewormer

- Flea Treatment

- Microchip

Opal is such a fun loving girl. She absolutely loves to be the center of attention!! With that being said, we would not recommend a home with another dog or children under 6 years old as Opal tends to get jealous and will steal toys from kids. 

She is a social butterfly and will go up to anyone. 

When outside, Opal can be quite overstimulated at times when it comes to seeing other dogs on walks. Her excitement gets the best of her and she is not received well by other dogs. Opal will need a home where there is patience yet firmness to allow her to be a dog but also an obedient dog. 

Opal does well with large dogs of similar size with a slow introduction, but she does not like small dogs at all. No Cats!

Opal would thrive as a family dog without having to fight for attention but getting it from a whole family. She may steal toys from kids, and she would never intentionally hurt a young one but she has knocked over a 2yr old a few times, so that is why we recommend school age kids and up. 

 2018 by Smiles & Cries Rescue Society

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