Age: 2 Years

Breed: Boxer X (collie?)

Sex: Female

Weight: 50 lbs

Energy: Medium

Dogs: Yes / Selective

Kids: Yes

Cats: Possibly


Adoption Fee $550


- Rabies

- Vaccinations

- Spay

- Dewormer

- Flea Treatment

- Tattoo

Misty is a stunning ball of fun. This young girl just wants to play and run!!

Misty would be an ideal member of an active family. She loves being outside and learning new things.


She is extremely playful with dogs, however she can be dog selective and reactive or grumpy dogs. She will let you know right away if she likes a dog or not, so a handler with general knowledge of dogs and body language would be beneficial in setting Misty up for success.

She does get overstimulated when she is outside, due to lack of socialization, so a person or family for Misty MUST have a willingness to work with and have patience with her. She is not a bad dog, she just needs guidance and structure. We can promise you that her anxiety/overstimulation will cease and decrease over time with consistency and time. She is not a perfect dog, ( is there such a thing??! ), but she is a workable dog with huge potential to be completely amazing. 

Misty is a good girl who knows basic commands and is eager to please. She is very loving and super sweet to anyone and everyone she meets. She is an absolute joy in the home, fully housetrained and shows NO signs of separation anxiety when left alone. .

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