Age: 4 Years
Breed: Shep x
Sex: Female
Weight: 50lbs
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes

Adoption Fee $600
- Rabies
- Vaccinations
- Spay
- Dewormer
- Flea Treatment
- Microchip

In case you haven't seen me or seen that cute little video that these awesome people made for me, My name is Shelby.

I am not a very active lady but I am a Lady! I am a clean eater, I leave no mess behind, I will even hold my bladder for a super long time which I think I have mastered. I listen well and just want to be loved, because who doesn't? Am I right!?

My current Foster mama has given me a really nice fluffy bed that I just can't seem to get out of. I can sleep all day if you let me but even if you don't let me, I can be sneaky and run back to it. Hehe

I had something really bad happened to me in my past and I haven't been able to get over it quite yet... These nice humans keep trying to get me to like that long leash thing but I'm still not ready to have it close to me. They say I need to be desensitized.

I am really good off the leash and will stay fairly close to my human. If I wander too far they just call my name and I come running back!

I really hope I can find someone who can help me get over this fear. I know humans are good but I just need one who doesn't mind taking the time with me so I can get used to everything in my own time.

I really am a good girl and I love you already and I'll love you even more if you can bring me home and help me on my journey!

Besides not walking on a leash I am truly amazing. Very loving, love belly rubs and I have a nice calm demeanor. I am great with all people, kids, dogs and even cats and birds but i would much prefer a home without another dog as I like my independence. I will tolerate them but sometimes I'm grumpy and will growl if they come near me. 

Shelby has had bloodwork, x-rays, biopsies, two Benign mammary tumors removed, a dental with 3 tooth extractions, one of them being a canine

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