$50.00 General Sponsorship for any dog

$100.00 helps to provide food and daily care

$150.00 helps with costs of basic veterinary care

$350.00 helps cover costs of spay/neuter 



Throughout Canada there are dogs and puppies that need new homes. Perhaps you are not in a position to adopt a dog or puppy into your home but you still want to help and be a part of their journey. 

Sponsors can nominate which dog they would like to sponsor by viewing all the dogs needing homes on this website.

. The dogs on the " Our Dogs" page have been and are still looking for a home longer than those on the subsequent pending adoptions sections, but you should choose the dog you most want to help. More than one person can sponsor each dog.

You can choose to be one of several sponsors for a dog, or if you are donating to a specific surgery bill for a dog we can arrange for you to donate directly to the vet. We rely on the generosity of our supporters through fundraising and bottle drives to assist with our ever growing veterinary costs and rescue expenses.  

We have not provided specific costs as our operation involves using many vets, each of whom has different charges, but we pay full price at all.

It is our policy to only give a dog to a foster home that will be microchipped, vaccinated with spay or neuter prior to adoption.

Your name will be added to our sponsorship page with a photo of the dog with a minimum sponsorship of $50. When you sponsor a dog for more than $100 you will receive a certificate acknowledging your generous donation. We will also update you on your sponsored dog, although sometimes you may have to prompt us if we are running more than usually behind.

At Smiles & Cries Rescue, we honor our promise to every dog that we rescue. This promise is that each one will have as much veterinary care, training and assistance as they require.


Please help us care for these dogs who have already been discarded once.

We will never do that to them.

You can either specify a dog you would like to sponsor or leave it to us to match your contribution to a dog’s care needs. You and the gift recipient will receive a photograph and story about the rescue dog you have sponsored.