Age: 3 years

Breed: Bully x

Sex: Male

Weight: 55lbs

Energy: Medium/High

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes 10+

Cats: No

Adoption Fee $525


- Rabies

- Vaccinations

- Neuter

- Dewormer

- Flea Treatment

- Microchip

He is a goofy quirky boy who needs some work on manners and would totally benefit from Basic Obedience. Cooper does pull on the leash and we have had him fitted for a harness to help with training. Unfortunately everyone who initially meets Cooper believes that his pent up energy is how he is all the time. That is farther than what actually is. 

Cooper is very sensitive and aware of all his surroundings and is very alert to everything going on. He will need a home that can continue basic training to let him know that not everything is something to be alert for. 

When he meets other animals he is excited and playful with them but can be dominant and try try to mount very submissive dogs, yet respects and is non reactive to dogs who put him in his place and tell him to back Off!.

Cooper is a great dog with so many great personality traits that anyone would fall in love with. He just needs a little guidance to help him along the way and an understanding that it takes time for any sort of training and nothing is fixed overnight. 

Cooper would be amazing at agility or being a sniffer dog. He has a nose for scents and can find any hidden treats along the house if you hide them. He thrives off of training and knows all basic commands. He is extremely treat motivated so that will be of great assistance with training!


He has so much potential and with the right person he will be a well mannered boy. He needs a home where all family members can be on the same level of being a firm handler and must be willing to set boundaries. He is quite a mouthy boy and sometimes does not realize his bite pressure, so we are working on impulse control as he can get pretty riled up really quickly.

Cooper thrives on structure, routine and physical & mental stimulation

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