Age: 2 Years
Breed: Lab X
Weight: 70lbs
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes


  • Single female or couple

  • Quiet home with minimal comings/goings of new people

  • MUST be willing to take your time with exposing him to new people and environments.



Mack is a big loving guy who just wants a loving forever home He is super sweet and loves his people with every part of his being He will be your shadow wherever you go and will always keep you warm at night! With his loud farts and all

He is a big strong boy, so large breed experience would be preferred in his new home.

He has shown fear with some men in the past so an awareness of that is needed. We will discuss in detail to serious applicants.

Mack is quite content just laying around in the home and going for a few walks a day. He does pull on the leash initially but is easily corrected for a loose leash walk.

He does know basic commands like Sit, lay down but his "wait" isn't strong 

Mack is a quick learner and very food motivated.


Notes From previous foster:

  • Doesn't get in to things, isn't destructive.

  • Farts. A lot. And audibly.

  • LOOOOVES to cuddle. He likes to be on or touching me at all times, Follows me around the house close enough that I can feel his nose on the back of my knee. But will back up or leave a room if you tell him to.

  • Learns very quickly. We worked in his leash pulling and he caught on very quickly.

  • Very food motivated. But doesn't really counter surf. Or is, at least, weirdly selective about what he takes.

  • Generally just eats what's in his bowl, but absolutely vacuums it up.

  • Snores. Sleeps a lot. Slept in my bed and didn't budge the whole night.

  • Only barks to alert.

  • Likes to look out any window he can.

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