Age: 3.5 Years 
Breed: Staffy x
Weight: 45lbs
Sex: Female
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes 
Kids: 12+
Cats: No

Adoption Fee $550
- Rabies
- Vaccinations
- Spay
- Dewormer
- Microchip

This gorgeous meatball is an outgoing girl who has the best smile ever!! She loves everyone she meets and that tail is always wagging!!

She is very playful and loves her toys and will destroy them as most power chewers do

She also loves Food! Lol she will eat anything given to her and is gentle taking from your hand.

Izzy knows basic commands and is very eager to please.

She loves going on new adventures and as you can see, does not mind carrying a big log along the water . She has been off leash and does well with recall.

Miss Izzy has met dogs but doesn't seem too excited about it, she would much prefer to hang out with her people instead.

Due to that, we would not recommend a home with another dog as she deserves all the live and attention

Izzy has been in a home with young children but she tends to get too excited and will jump up in them and play nip which can lead to injury, so we are not recommending her to go into a home with kids younger than 12 yrs old.

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