Age: 3 Years
Breed: Doberman
Sex: Male
Weight: 70lbs
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes

Adoption Fee $600
- Rabies
- Vaccinations
- Neuter
- Microchip

Harley arrived to us about 1 week ago and he has been nothing but very obedient, loving and sweet. He has lived with children, dogs and even cats. He does need supervision with other animals as he can be a rude boy if he is not properly managed. 

Harley loves people who can be a firm but gentle handler/leader, He is crazy smart and knows all commands. Very treat motivated!

Unfortunately Harley can have fear aggression, however he would rather avoid than confront. We have just found out that one of his triggers is the snow. Poor Harley started shaking and avoiding outside because of the snow.


He will need a person and home that understands that sometimes Harley will not be the perfect dog all the time and some things may trigger him. 99% of the time, Harley is quite an amazing boy and all he wants to do is please you and be loved.  

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