Age: 1.5 Years

Breed: Bully x

Weight: 50 lbs

Energy Level: Medium

Dogs: Yes

Cats: TBD

Kids: Yes


Adoption Fee $475


- Rabies

- Vaccinations

- Neuter

- Dewormer

- Flea Treatment

- Microchip

Rufus will be arriving to us soon from Ontario where he was found as a stray.


​He is a Pit mix (possibly Visla) and are told that he is a sweet dog but needs to work on manners. 

​He is a glutton for food so a slow eater dish would be recommended. 


Rufus is scared of some men, and has a shy disposition with strangers. He needs to build up his confidence and a willingness to take it slowly with interactions would be ideal. 


​He does know basic commands and is a very sweet boy once he feels comfortable and then he is very outgoing and playful.


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