Age: 1 Year
Breed: Am. Bulldog x
Sex: Male
Weight: 58lbs
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Cats: No

Adoption Fee $550
- Rabies
- Vaccinations
- Neuter
- Microchip

Bones is a very sweet, cuddly boy who has a zest for life. He loves to go for walks and exploring new areas. He walks pretty good on the leash, but if he smells something enticing or exciting, he will pull a bit. He walks well on a  harness so that would be needed for a pleasant walk.

He is NOT an ideal passenger in the car. Especially if you have windshield wipers on, he will try to bite them and lick the windshield and go berserk. It is best to crate him for car rides, unless it is sunny and no windshield wipers are involved. 


Bones found himself in quite the predicament which landed him in the shelter. He was tied up outside in his yard but tethered to a short leash. In an attempt to escape, he tried jumping over the fence not realizing he was still tethered. Thankfully Animal Services was called and he was picked up, safe and was never claimed.


Bones LOVES everyone and everything. This boy is quite the character and within the first 5 minutes of us taking him out of his crate, this silly boy jumped into an open trunk .

Bones is a great companion and an awesome couch potato. Exploring and meeting people is his favorite.

Bones likes most dogs but he he is reactive to reactive dogs, so we would recommend a slow introduction. He can live with a calm submissive dog.


- Walking on leash without pulling

- Jumping up when excited

- Reaction to reactive dogs


Fully fenced yard

Large family or lots of people to spread the love

No other pets

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