We’ve put together a list of tips to increase your chances of being selected to be an approved home:


  • Fill out the adoption application entirely. Be free with information and elaborate where possible! 

  • Read the dog's profile on the website and apply for the dog that you are a match with. For example, if the profile says the animal is not good with cats and you have a cat, that is not the best fit for you or the dog. But if you have a separate area for the cat or a plan to keep the two apart, please let us know in your application! Easily, a substantial percentage of applications that come in show that people have not read the information on the dog.  Rescues will always put the best interest of the dog first so if you do not read and still apply,  It not only wastes your time, but ours as well. 

  • Answer ALL the questions on the application.  If you choose to skip questions, it is telling sign that you may have something to hide or that you aren't really that committed to putting effort into truly wanting the dog.

  • Please don't put in an application if you have no intention of returning our calls/emails.  50% of the applications we received do not respond to our calls or emails.  Remember all our volunteers are just that - volunteers. They are putting their own time aside to process applications and it is very frustrating when applicants don't have the courtesy to tell us they are no longer interested or adopted elsewhere.

  • Apply to foster or volunteer with us! You automatically have a leg up when you’re part of the team. We know you, know you are committed and trust you already! Plus you’ll know just who to bribe with cookies.

  • Go to adoption events and meet our volunteers! It can be hard to get a sense of who someone is when reading their responses to the application questions. When we have a face and personality to put to a name, we feel like we know you. That will add weight to your application. 



     If you’ve submitted an application in the past and haven’t been chosen, don’t take it personally. Keep trying until you find your match.

Your 4 legged soulmate is waiting!

Smiles & Cries alumni - "Diesel"