About Us

Smiles & Cries Rescue Society is an all breed, volunteer based organization serving the greater Vancouver Area, dedicated to re-homing local dogs in need and saving homeless or abandoned dogs domestically within Canada.

We strive to assist with the overpopulation of dogs from other provinces that have compelling situations where they are in danger of abuse, neglect or euthanasia.

Smiles & Cries Rescue Society places dogs into temporary foster homes, where they are socialized, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any medical or behavioral conditions limiting their adoptability.

Founded in 2018, Our ultimate goal is to create a better world, where all dogs have loving, permanent homes and where no good natured dogs, no matter what their age or breed, are killed for any reason. Whether they are considered to be a surplus or  an un-adoptable dog.



Smiles & Cries Ambassadog " Bruiser "

Mission Statement

To Rescue,  Rehabilitate and Rehome any dog in need,

By promoting responsible,caring and compassionate attitudes towards animals. We ensure love, and a safe foster or forever home for orphaned , abandoned, neglected and  abused dogs!

Through proactive intervention, public education, fundraising events, and community outreach, Smiles & Cries Rescue Society seeks to promote respect for all life by breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect, and pet overpopulation in our communities.

Core Values

Honesty, trust, commitment, integrity, and professionalism are exhibited by our volunteers, and Board Members.

Care and attention through dedication, professional leadership, rational decision-making, and fiscal responsibility.

Respect and fairness for animals through compassion, dignity, and humane treatment.

Respect partnerships and teamwork through cooperation and collaboration

Smiles & Cries Alumni - " Tyson " 
Smiles & Cries Alumni - " Rollie " 
Smiles & Cries Alumni - Left to right - " Xena ", " Franklin ", " Maggie", Dezza " 

Public Awareness

Smiles & Cries Rescue Society attends many events throughout the year. Whether it be Bosley's Adoption events, Hot Dog Sales or Pet Expos and such. 

We like to engage the public with awareness on the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet and why adopting a rescue dog can be so rewarding. We encourage the public to volunteer, foster or become a part of our team to be a part of any dogs journey.


Our goal is to provide knowledge to open minds about Canadian dogs who are in dire need of help from being abused, neglected, unwanted, abandoned or simply overlooked. 

The importance of networking our many years of experience in dog rescue and dog handling experience is crucial is keeping our respected reputation.